Shantel Duran

From day one of finding out I was pregnant to the end the midwives were right there by my side. I entered their office with my aunt, who referred me to Alumbra staff. My first visit was to verify if I was indeed pregnant or not, sure enough I tested positive for pregnancy. From that moment on I knew I wanted this team of woman to be my guides through my experience. I went in every month after that for my monthly visits. They took care of me every time I entered their office. I became familiar with all 3 midwives while being there. Knowing I had options, choices, and a say so in everything comforted me through my journey. From the beginning we made a plan on what I wanted and we stuck by it the whole time. When it came to deliver my baby we were on point. Liz was such a miracle worker when it came to making me comfortable. She introduced me to the birthing ball, jacuzzi, walking, and different options to push my baby out. The birthing bar wasn’t an option for me because I was too weak for that but the birthing stool was amazing. In a matter of pushes and encouraging words from Liz and my family she was delivered into the world. If I ever got pregnant again Alumbra would be my first choice to prepare me for my next child. No matter where I’m at the midwives are the only way for me to go.