Margie Lucero, LPN

Margie Lucero, LPN is our office nurse and manager.  She has worked in women’s health for 35 years.  After graduating from St. Vincent’s School of Licensed Practical Nursing in 1970, she worked at a federally funded clinic for 2 years, as well as at a nursing home.  In 1975 she started working for Dr. Clarke, a local OB-GYN, and later she worked for Dr. Halverson and Dr. Swan.  During this time, she also worked as nurse for a urologist, for 20 years.  Margie says she really enjoys working in women’s health, and that it is nice to see the patients that delivered years ago coming in now with their daughters who are expecting.  Margie really likes working with midwives, and says it is very different from working with physicians.  The major difference she sees is that midwives spend more time with the patients, both in the office at appointments, and during childbirth.  Margie also really likes the staff in our office, and says that everyone helps each other out.  Margie has been married to her husband Robert for 40 years, and has 2 grown children, BJ and Melissa